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The Romance of Yacht Charter

Chartering a crewed yacht like this Turkish gulet can be the ultimate relaxation.

Looking for a vacation that combines a private holiday with the freedom to go where you like, when you like, and to do as you please? Yacht charters provide all this, and more.

Imagine a week or more spent exploring out-of-the-way locales that folks in their automobiles will have trouble finding. On top of that, visualize never having to re-pack your suitcase.

Yacht chartering can be luxurious, but it can also be quite cost-effective when compared to the expense and aggravation of owning a boat. It can also compare favorably with the costs of equivalent land-based vacation, since it combines accommodations and transportation into one vessel.

Yachts can also be a perfect platform to entertain clients. Some companies offer yacht charter as a business incentive, instead of a week at a ski resort or hotel.

Whatever charter destination you choose, the type of boat will affect your overall experience. There are two basic types of yachts available for charter: bareboat and crewed. Within each category are choices of power or sail, monohull or catamaran, traditional or modern. You can even select a yacht with a full-service spa.

Photo by Neil Rabinowitz

Many fully crewed yachts are custom or semi-custom designs. But a great number of charter yachts, such as those found in bareboat fleets, will be comfortingly familiar whether you’re sailing them in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. And if you want to guarantee familiarity with your charter yacht, you can even look into the benefits of yacht ownership, which can guarantee you a certain number of weeks per year on your boat, or others just like it.

Whatever the boat and wherever you go, a yacht charter vacation is sure to provide memories for a lifetime. We invite you to browse the wide variety of yachts and destinations available through, to discover what would suit you best.

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