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West Coast Yacht Charter

West Coast yacht charters offer an opportunity to view marine life and explore the California coast. The best time of year for yacht charter on the West Coast is from May to November, though Southern California's season can be enjoyed year-round.

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West Coast US Overview

The harbor at Avalon on Catalina Island, California.

The harbor at Avalon on Catalina Island, California.

Day charters, and longer-duration yacht charters, are available at many points along the West Coast of the US, despite that the fact that the lengthy state of California has only two natural harbours—San Diego and San Francisco Bay. Many others have been carved out along the shore, and also among the Channel Islands west of Los Angeles, notably Catalina Island.  There’s plenty to see and do while on a charter trip in any part of this region, and sea life is abundant. The winds tend to funnel into San Francisco Bay at high speed, but there are many sections of the Bay that are more serene  for charterers looking for less boisterous conditions.

In the L.A. basin, the winds are generally moderate and the air warmer than San Francisco.

Further north, in Oregon, limited charters can be found on the Columbia River, which is navigable well inland.

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