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Finland Yacht Charter

Finland has a beautiful coastline and a spectacular archipelago that stretches almost to Sweden. The best time of year for yacht chartering in Finland is from June to September.

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Finland Overview

A fish house in the Aland Island archipelago

Summer cruising in Finland makes up in beauty what it lacks in length of season. Clear blue waters, deep green woods and wide-spread meadows, countless rocky islands, and well equipped yacht harbours - this water-oriented country is a fantastic charter location.

The best known and largest of the many Finnish Archipelagos are the Åland Islands, a province of Finland at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia. With over 6,500 islands and skerries, this multitude of islands and rocky islets extends towards Sweden for 100 km southwest of Turku. Swedish is the only official language; shipping and tourism are the most important sources of income. The island of Gullkrona between Turku and Åland is considered particularly scenic.

There are also many lakes with well-marked navigation routes and friendly guest harbors.

Most charter companies are based in Helsinki on the Gulf of Finland, but there are also bases in Turku, Airisto, and Taalintehdas on the southeast coast.  Bareboat sailboats dominate along the coast, while powerboats are available on the lakes.

The official sailing season in Finland runs from May to September, but the best time for charter is  June to mid-August. Later in the season, autumn gales are common. Culinary specialties include reindeer meat and fish.