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Denmark Yacht Charter

Denmark has coastline on several straits with excellent harbors close together. The best time of year for yacht chartering in Denmark is from June to September.

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Denmark Overview

The marina near Helsingor, Denmark

The small country of Denmark is made up of the peninsula of Jutland (Jylland) and many islands, including Zealand, Funen (Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm. The additional hundreds of minor islands are collectively known as the Danish Archipelago.

Denmark boasts about 7500 km of coastline and a rich nautical history. Before the Kiel Canal was built, the only way to get in and out of the Baltic was through the "Danish Straits."  Today, protected waters and well-market channels offer an excellent charter base. Even in downtown Copenhagen the water is never far away, and the capital offers modern conveniences overlaid with an old world charm.

The most popular cruising ground is the Kattegat, between Denmark and Sweden. With many islands to choose from, a protected harbor is always close at hand. Along the western coast on the Skaggerak, anchorages are farther apart. Eastern islands like Bornholm offer a jumping off spot for the Baltic.

Charter bases for all types of boats can be found in Copenhagen, Kerterminde, as well as in northern Germany and Sweden. High season corresponds to the lengthy days of Scandinavian summer, May-September.  August is the busiest since many locals are on holiday.

According to Danish law, all boats available for hire must be approved by the State Shipping Inspection Office, so make sure that your charter boat has an approval certificate.