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Martinique Yacht Charter

Great beaches, exceptional food and wonderful watersports are just a few of the offerings available on the exotic French Caribbean island of Martinique. Yachtsmen will find some very sophisticated pleasures here, including haut cuisine and the latest fashions – especially in Fort-de-France, the island’s capital, which is located on one of the safest, most beautiful bays in the Caribbean.

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Martinique Overview

Dockwise delivers to Martinique and many other Caribbean destinations.

Martinique offers French culture entwined with an exotic island lifestyle. The best time of year for yacht chartering in Martinique is from November to April.

Martinique also has an active volcano – Mont Pelée, which erupted in 1902 and left thousands of residents dead. The Museum of Vulcanology tells the story in somewhat grizzly detail. Visitors can find fantastic hiking and nature-watching along the volcano’s slopes. Known as the “Isle of Flowers,” Martinique also has numerous botanical gardens.

There are plenty of long sandy beaches to lounge on here. Great surfing can be found at Presqu’île de Caravelle, and Martinique is also known for its snorkeling and diving. Pointe du Bout is the island’s main resort area, featuring golf, shopping and casino nightlife. The village of Carbet, which for a short time was home to the famous French painter Paul Gauguin, is worth a visit.

Popular marinas include Pointe du Bout, across from the capital; Le François on the Atlantic in Sainte-Anne, and Port de Plaisance, which is Guadaloupe’s largest and best-equipped yacht basin.