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St. Georges, Grenada

Grenada is not part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but many people choose to visit it at the same time because of its close proximity to Union Island and Petit St. Vincent, at the far southern end of the Grenadines archipelago.

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St. Georges Overview

While Grenada may be used as a final waypoint with an international airport, it’s also a place worth spending a few days to explore in its own right.

St. George's Harbour, Grenada. Photo courtesy Kim Kavin

The capital of St. George’s is a colorful, European-looking city with shops and houses that climb the hillsides surrounding the large harbor. The Port Louis Marina opened here in the mid-2000s with 170 berths for yachts as long as 300 feet. Pumpout services are available along with fresh water, refuse disposal, Internet, and more. The marina is just 15 minutes from the airport and within easy driving distance of many inland attractions.

If you have a few days to explore Grenada, some good stops include St. Margaret’s Falls and the Grenada Chocolate Company. The falls are within a rainforest filled with hiking trails that will give you a good workout en route to the cool-water dip ponds. The Chocolate Company offers tours that are “feet-on” as opposed to “hands-on,” allowing visitors to walk along the cocoa beans to turn them as they dry beneath the sun in vast bins. Both experiences are unique within the islands and provide wonderful memories for visitors of all ages.