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South America Yacht Charter

South America yacht charters offer access to a remote continent. The best time of year for yacht charter in South America is from October to March.

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South America Overview

Cape Horn. Photo: Louay Habib

Much of South America is outside of normal yacht charter routes. Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are an exception that offer dramatic diversity in their geology and indigenous species, as originally documented by Charles Darwin. Many crewed charter options operate right out of the islands and some offer packages that include the two hour flight from Quito.

The Galapagos Islands, cast out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, are a living laboratory of evolution where birds and animals have no fear of man. A natural habitat for the giant tortoise, quite simply there is nothing else quite like these islands in the world. To quote their most famous visitor, Charles Darwin: “The natural history of this archipelago is very remarkable: it seems to be a little world within itself; the greater number of its inhabitants, both vegetable and animal, being found nowhere else.” The ultimate way to enjoy the archipelago is by private yacht. Anchor in remote bays and, with a terrestrial and diving guide, explore the geology and wildlife on foot or the fascinating depths. Swim with the hammerheads, the marine iguanas and the penguins.

To the south, crewed charters can be arranged in the lake districts of Patagonia, around Cape Horn, and for the truly adventurous, across the Southern Ocean to the Falklands, Antarctica and South Georgia. Ushuaia is a common jumping off port for South Atlantic adventures.