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There are many different types of Yacht charters to choose from, like fishing charters, diving charters, to the romantic honeymoon yacht charter and can help you select the right type of yacht charter for your next vacation.

Instructional Yacht Charters

From formal to casual, learning how to run the boat you charter can be a great way to add enjoyment to your vacation. Yacht charter is most frequently marketed as the ultimate form of vacation, with a crew that handles the nitty-gritty of operating the boat while you relax, sunbathe, and nap. For some people, though, the idea of helping out with the sailing is just as intriguing as the idea of visiting the beach bars.  Learn More

Motoryacht Charters

Power Boat Charter clients can cover a large geographical area while enjoying all the comforts of home. If you feel the need for speed then a powerboat is for you! Names like Sunseeker, Benetti and Feadship have long realised the importance of charter in the design of their vessels, but power yacht charters can range from modest day charters along a waterfront near you, to a very high-end seasonal charter on a superyacht in an exotic port. The exhilaration of high speed on water is an unforgettable experience and allows you to cover the distance between ports or anchorages in the shortest time, allowing more time to explore each destination or simply relax or entertain on board.  Learn More

Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailboats for large bareboat charter fleets have long been built by companies such as Bavaria, Beneteau, and Jeanneau, and they have been standardized to the point that after you have chartered one, you’ll find that you’re familiar with the sailing, mechanical and electrical systems on any of them. In smaller venues, and in much larger crewed yacht charters, you’ll find quite a bit of variation, but in the first case, the boats will tend to be simpler. And in the latter, you’ll have a professional crew to explain, and maintain, the systems. In any case, improvements in roller-furling headsail systems, and the use of in-mast furling or lazy jacks for mainsails has dramatically simplified sailhandling on virtually all yachts.  Learn More

Adventure Yacht Charters

Charter in these locations can be absolutely mind-bending, filled with everything from snow-capped mountains to private, uninhabited islands. But to get there, you need a certain kind of charter yacht: one that is constructed, outfitted, and staffed specifically for adventure.  Learn More

Event Yacht Charters

Want to have a party on the dock? An event yacht charter makes it easy. Event yacht charters, also sometimes called static yacht charters, are bookings that take place entirely at the marina dock. While a small number of guests may sleep overnight in the yacht’s staterooms, the vast majority of chartering time is spent with large groups of friends or colleagues in the yacht’s guest areas.  Learn More

Catamaran Yacht Charters

Catamaran yacht charters offer excellent comfort, with plenty of space and stability.  Learn More

Gulet Yacht Charters

Gulets are the traditional sailing yachts of Turkey. They have a history as rich as the region itself and have evolved into a modern charter option that is among the best values in the world.  Learn More

Fishing Yacht Charters

Fishing Yacht Charters are the best way to try out a new area, a new boat, or a new species. The style of the fishing boat you wish to charter may vary depending on the type of fishing and the species of fish you are looking for. The price point will be affected by the geography (relative location to the fish) and then the type or style of boat used to catch those fish.  Learn More

Honeymoon Charters

Few styles of vacation offer the kind of once-in-a-lifetime memories that honeymoon yacht charter can create. What sets yacht charter apart as an ultimate honeymoon is the level of personalization that it offers. While resorts and cruise ships can give you a private room that is outfitted to your tastes, a yacht charter can offer you an entire vacation that is tailored to your desires. The style of yacht, each day’s itinerary, all of the meals, every glass of wine, the crew’s style of service—everything is organized in advance to your personal specifications.  Learn More

Wedding Charters

Want to get married on a yacht charter vacation? Your dream yacht charter and dream wedding could be one in the same.  Learn More

Inland Waterway Charters

When we think of canal charters, we think of France. Here's an overview of what you will find in the five French canal and river cruising destinations.  Learn More

Regatta Yacht Charters

Chartering a high-performance sailing yacht for a regatta offers a chance at competition—and maybe even a bluewater adventure. Ever wanted to sail a big regatta aboard an impressive boat? One way to try it out is through an event charter. Before you sign up, Sandy Carney from Sanderson Yachting LLC has some advice.“Sailors interested in chartering a crewed sailing yacht have a limited choice of qualified yachts,” Sandy explains. “And some will include practice days in their race fee, some will not.”  Learn More

Diving Yacht Charters

Charters that specialize in diving vary in approach, everything from private dives to instruction to rendezvous diving. Yacht charter can be an excellent way to incorporate scuba diving into a cruising vacation, especially for groups that consist of some divers and some non-divers. It provides all the conveniences of a high-end dive boat, such as space for gear to be stowed, with all the fun of a charter yacht, such as snorkeling and sunbathing.  Learn More

Bareboat Yacht Charters

Bareboat charter is for the do-it-yourself skipper and crew who are looking for the independence and privacy that come with taking charge of a charter yacht. In general, bareboat charters are less expensive than charters with a paid crew.  Learn More