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At 121 feet, Olga provides a truly luxurious getaway for two.

Your charter broker can work with the yacht’s captain and crew to arrange for romantic surprises throughout the experience. This is far different than selecting from a pre-packaged menu of options. Think of onboard or on-the-beach massages for two, whenever the urge strikes. Or champagne and strawberries being served to you in the top-deck hot tub as the sun sets. Or a steel-drum band brought onboard to serenade you with soft, tropical music while you enjoy a romantic dinner for two. If you can imagine it, a good charter yacht (like Olga, pictured above) can make it happen.

Several styles of charter yacht are available for honeymoon vacations. The first is a bareboat, which lets you and your new spouse work together as a team to manage everything from docking to raising the sails. If you are an experienced sailor and want to enjoy ultimate privacy, then a bareboat might be the ideal honeymoon charter for you.

Olga's hot tub provides a romantic spot to enjoy a sunset.

Next are the smaller crewed yachts that are typically found in locations such as the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. These yachts, which range in length from 40 to 80 feet, typically accommodate charter parties of two to six guests and generally have two to four crew members onboard. That means you and your partner can still enjoy a great deal of privacy, and you also can relax completely while the crew run the boat.

Larger yachts that take 10 to 12 guests are also available for honeymoon vacations. These feel palatial with only two guests onboard, especially when you consider that crews of eight to 12 people are onboard to serve you—and only you. These yachts often have full spas in the master suites, media rooms with plush sofas, and more water toys than you could use in a month. If ultimate pampering is your goal, then a charter aboard a yacht 80 feet or larger is the way to go.

Onboard massages are offered on larger yachts like Olga.

In terms of pricing, the larger yachts are almost always the most expensive. However, many charter yachts offer staggered pricing that depends on the size of your group. A yacht may have one price for two people for a week, and another price for six people for a week. Most yacht owners will negotiate a reduced rate if you’re coming aboard for a single week with only two people, a discount that you can receive by working with a good charter broker who is experienced in contract negotiations.

Yacht charters can also turn your honeymoon into a family affair. If you are celebrating a second marriage and the blending of two sets of children, then a yacht charter honeymoon can be an excellent opportunity to bond. Many yacht crew are experienced in creating memorable experiences for children such as treasure hunts, sailing contests, and water-skiing rides. While the crew or your nanny are helping the children get to know one another in a fun setting, you and your new spouse can relax aboard the yacht with a chilled drink and a romantic, private lunch.

Editors' Note: Photos of Olga courtesy Churchill Yacht Partners.

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