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Florida Yacht Charter

Florida yacht charters provide access to an excellent year round climate. The best time of year for yacht charter in Florida is from November to April, though the off-season is also pleasant.

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Florida Overview

Sportfishing boats in Miami, Florida

Sportfishing boats in Miami, Florida

The southernmost part of the continental United States is a sportfisherman’s playground and an easy jumping-off point for charterers headed to the Bahamas. Boasting mostly sub-tropical weather and the powerful Gulf Stream current flowing just off the east coast of the state, South Florida features the remarkable Florida Keys, a string of islands with the southernmost being the notable Key West. One can cruise the various Keys inside the reef in shoal-draft vessels off the eastern "ocean" side of the Keys, or make a straight shot from Miami to Key West running farther offshore.

The "back country" side of the Keys, off the western side, has calm waters, quiet natural scenes, and tremendous island sunsets.

The west coast of Florida also features quiet, calm-sea cruising, and no shortage of fishing opportunities.