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How Much Does a Private Yacht Charter Cost?

by Lynda Morris Childress

Understanding Charter Rates

Almost all charter yachts in the 45- to 65-foot size range can accommodate as many as six to ten guests plus crew. Prices are quoted by the week, and there are two types of weekly rates. All-Inclusive prices include the cost of the yacht, captain and chef/hostess (who also usually acts as crew), three meals aboard each day with ship's bar (beer, wine, cocktails and other beverages), harbor fees, and fuel. Plus-Expenses prices usually include the cost of the yacht, captain, and chef/hostess/crew; food, beverages, fuel, and harbor fees are either billed separately, in advance, in addition to the basic charter price, or will be collected by the captain and crew during or at the end of your charter, depending on what you consume during the week. Choose a Charter Yacht that Suits Your Budget

Three sailboats reaching through the Greek Isles

Charter yachts are priced by the week, no matter how many guests are onboard, so per person costs can be surprisingly reasonable.

The booking company or broker should be able to provide an accurate estimate of these costs in advance. Whether a charter is all-inclusive or plus-expenses, you will be asked in advance to fill out a detailed food preference sheet so the menu and items stocked on board are in accordance with your wishes.

Per Person Costs

Contrary to popular belief this weekly rate remains the same no matter how many guests are onboard for each charter. For example, if the listed cost of a lower-priced yacht that can accommodate up to eight guests is listed at $6,000 for one week, all-inclusive, and you have a charter party of eight people, your total charter cost would be $6,000 divided by eight people -- just $750 per person for the entire week, or about $93 per person per day. If you had only four people on that same charter, your cost would be twice as much per person.

If you compare the costs of yacht charter, which include transportation from one harbor to the next, nightly accommodations onboard, and two or three meals per day, you can see that chartering is much less expensive than staying in a hotel and eating three meals per day plus cocktails in restaurants.

Charter Perks

There are also several added bonuses to a yacht-charter vacation, of course: you can unpack for the entire week and still see a host of different sightseeing destinations by boat, without the hassle of constantly re-packing, changing hotels, and arranging costly transport. On a yacht, your room, your belongings, your food, and your beverages come with you, wherever you roam.

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