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South Pacific Yacht Charter: Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Fiji

Far-flung places like Fiji are exotic destinations, but the luxury sailing yacht Ethereal can take you even deeper into the South Pacific.   Learn More

Brazil Yacht Charter: Neo Yachting Enters the Market

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has generated new interest in yacht charters in Brazil, and now there's a 77-Foot Intermarine Motoryacht available there.   Learn More

5 Tips For Choosing Between Power and Sail When Bareboat Chartering

Choosing the right vessel for your bareboat charter can make the difference between having a great vacation and a suffering through a miserable one.   Learn More

How to Prevent Seasickness on a Yacht Charter

If you know you’re prone to seasickness – or if you've never sailed before and simply don’t know if a yacht charter will make you seasick or not – here are some measures you can take to prevent the ailment.   Learn More

How to Charter with Newbies: the Charter Vacation Initiation

How to introduce your friends and family to chartering and make sure they have the charter vacation of a lifetime.   Learn More

The Seychelles: Remote Beaches, Warm Waters and a 76 Ferretti

When you're ready to explore the Seychelles, Sea Stream is the perfect yacht.   Learn More

Need Some Glamour in Your Life? Charter the 203-foot Amels Superyacht Sarah

This superyacht is the ideal way to experience the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix.   Learn More

Mediterranean Charters in Sardinia and Corsica

Sardinia and Corsica offer charters the ultimate Mediterranean experience.   Learn More

Perini Navi Launches New Charter Stunner

Seahawk, a sailing yacht from Perini Navi, is all new - and is available for charter right from the start.   Learn More

Flotilla Charters

If you’re interested in a charter-yacht vacation and the number of people in your group is too large for one yacht to accommodate – or, if you don’t have enough people to fill an entire yacht - joining a flotilla charter is an excellent option.   Learn More

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